Suggesting topics for the Doctoral and the Master Theses

Recommending unconsumed unique and new topics

in the desired field of specialty

Preparing the Research plan- the research proposal

Preparing research complete recommendation

and which are guaranteed to be accepted from the first time.

Preparing the theoretical framework

An original content with referring to the most recent references and authenticated

resources related to the study subject along with a great care for the proper authentication of the content.


Statistical Analysis service

A 100% guaranty of a sophisticated and objective analysis along with

a scientific discussion to assure concluding solid results of the study.

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Presenting help in preparing the Doctoral and Master Theses

The academic criticism of the studies

Offering an accurate and scientific analysis to the theses content

along with the studies in an objective and clear manner


Presenting the service of an accurate literary and scientific translation

that is free from any grammatical or linguistic mistakes

Preparing and publishing the scientific papers

Preparing outstanding scientific papers which are publishable

in the greatest and most solid scientific magazines.

Achieving University Admissions

Offering the service of attaining university admissions

in all the well-known Arabic and foreign universities in the shortest time possible

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Steps to apply

Steps to apply

Video definition of our services

BTS Academy for Scientific Research and Development is considered one of the most deep-rooted and magnificent Academies that present many services to the Master's and Doctoral students and help them overcome all the obstacles that might appear in their way to achieve the highest degrees of supremacy and success. The Academy present all sorts of services that include helping the students out in the Master and Doctoral theses with all the details that might be of a certain difficulty for the researcher; like suggesting unique and wonderful  kind titles to the final editing of the thesis and the linguistic and grammatical inspections plus many others.



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