Preparing and Writing Master's Theses

Preparing and Writing Master's Theses

Preparing and Writing Master's Theses

Preparing and Writing Master's Theses

One of the most issues that builds up a burden on the shoulders of Graduate Studies students is getting through to the stage of writing the Master's Thesis due to the lack of experience on the student's side in such matters. Undoubtedly, this stage requires a possession of a high level of experience and is fundamentally linked to the methodologies and accurate steps that are needed to be followed in order to accomplish this stage both notably and successfully.

Dear student, by asking help from BTS Academy for Research and Development, you can surpass the stage of preparing for and writing the Master's Thesis, and with a 100% assurance of getting a high score evaluation and grading and not just merely getting through it. With all its supreme efficiency and the considerable potentials of its researchers along with their wide and deep experience in these fields, the Academy is certainly able to be of a great help to Master Students.

When writing a Master's Thesis skillfully, it is a must to complete each and every step of what is known as the steps for writing a Master's Thesis successfully. It is also a need to be acquainted with the right strategy in writing the thesis.

When preparing a Master's Thesis it is essential to know that we need to go through the following stages:

  1. The stage of selecting a new suitable unused title, or trying to evolve a previously used title by new scientific additions.
  2. The stage of writing the research proposal with an attractive and unique scientific style.
  3. The stage of artistically and professionally writing the theoretical framework.
  4. The stage of determining the appropriate methodology for the study.
  5. The stage of collecting data from the limited resources.
  6. The stage of analyzing the data and reaching results.
  7. The stage of commenting on the results and suggesting the proper recommendations that agree with the results of the study, plus recommending future results which might be a stretching up of the current study.

Any Master's Thesis of whatever specialization consists of five basic chapters:

  • Chapter One: Introduction
  • Chapter Two: Theoretical Framework
  • Chapter Three: Methodology and Research Procedures
  • Chapter Four: Analyzing the Results
  • Chapter Five: Discussing the Results and Recommendations



It is not only limited to these things, but there are other things that need attention, such as the university model in the writing of master's letters, as each university has a specific form of writing that must be followed and applied. The researcher should also review the method of writing references. There is more than one way to write references. This method is necessarily related to the student's specialty. The researcher's ability to write master's letters does not mean that the student should use a complex method of writing; on the contrary, the researcher should use the simple, easy method of writing, and must have the ability to think deeply, That the method of presentation of ideas must be orderly and sequential, the reader feels that the researcher has a high degree of understanding and experience.


BTS Academy can assist you in writing your Master's thesis from the first to the last advanced stages with great competence and competence. All you have to do is send an email to the Academy that includes your application.

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