The Academic and scientific translation Service

The Academic and scientific translation Service

The Academic and scientific translation Service

The Academic and scientific translation Service:

Translation, by definition, is one of the literary arts which demand from the researcher to acquire an experience and a linguistic ability which enables him/her to find the most fitting synonyms.

The proper scientific and academic translation is considered one of the most important matters that the researcher should pay much attention to in case he/she wants to publish the research they have already accomplished in another language. However, the researcher must be careful while translating because committing mistakes and interpreting with the wrong translation will lead to weaken the scientific research they are doing. This is why most researchers find it necessary to assign the translation process to specialists when they are not sure that the acquire the sufficient ability to perform a scientific and academic translation.

And we, at BTS Academy for Scientific Research and Development, decided to reach out a hand of help to the researchers and to be supportive to them in the matter of scientific and academic translation and to relief them from all the troubles and obstacles that may come in their ways in the process of translation. That is why we initiated the service of professional scientific and academic translation service for graduate studies students. In the academy, there is quite a number of translators who have got a high quality certificate in translation, and who possess a considerable experience in the field of scientific and academic translation. The team of translators in BTS Academy has been elected in a professional manner so that only the best can have the chance of being a translator in the academy.

BTS Academy website offers the scientific and academic translation in the two languages of Arabic and English. It also an advantage that our translators enjoy a literary talent plus being professional translators, the thing that can enable them to translate in an attractive and unique manner.

We, at BTS Academy, are proud of honesty while performing the task of translation, speed in performing the task artistically and the one hundred percent assurance of the accuracy of the translation.

And now, as you dear student have become familiar with the advantages offered by the scientific and academic translation service in the website of BTS Academy, do feel free to communicate with us through an e-mail to the academy, show your request and you will find the support team waiting for you to answer any questions you would like to ask. After that you can send to us the text that you would like to translate in a scientific and academic manner, and you will for certain find it translated in the best way possible. Our motto in the Academy is speed, perfection and accuracy.


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